Pitch our panel a great business idea,

and you could win a free scholarship to SCA.


Be prepared for a grilling.

The Judges
Ross bailey circle.png
Ross Bailey

Founder, Appear Here (The AirBnB for Pop-ups!)

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 14.20.06.png
Matt Kennedy

CEO & Founder, Fussy. (As seen on Dragon’s Den)

Joel Buckley

Co-Founder, Eco Union (As seen on Dragon’s Den)

Marcella Tarable

Co-Founder, Food for Thought (D&AD Shortlist 2021)

About The Hot Seat

 If you joined our scholarship launch event on the 11th May, you’ll have met our four judges; Joel, Ross, Matt and Marcella.


These four judges are SCA Alumni who have all sat in a hot seat, not only to win their scholarships to SCA, but to pitch their ideas to very powerful and wealthy people for investment in their businesses. Now it’s your turn.


We want you to do what Joel, Ross, Matt and Marcella did. You need to invent a great idea for a new product and pitch it perfectly in a 2 minute video.

Your invention can be as wild or as normal as you like, you just need to make sure you pitch it in the best possible way. You need to make sure that our judges will want to buy it.

You’ve got til' Wednesday 15th June at 5pm to get your entries in.

What happens next?

Once all entries are submitted on Wednesday 15th June, our judges will start working through them to establish a shortlist of potential winners. They will then meet in a private session to pick out their favourite ideas. 

Our shortlist will be revealed across our social channels on Friday 1st July. If you’re added to our judges shortlist, you'll be invited into The Hot Seat at SCA to pitch your idea live to our judges on Thursday 14th July.

One of you will win a fully funded Scholarship. Our winner will be announced at our SCA end of year summer party on Thursday 28th July.