Meet the Judges
Ross bailey circle.png
Ross Bailey, CEO & Founder, Appear Here

Appear Here is the leading online marketplace for short-term retail space. Ross was in our first ever intake at SCA and was also our first ever scholarship student. While at SCA he started out by launching a little shop called Rock & Rule for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the store's success lead to some major US brands asking for his help with finding space for their ideas and Appear Here was born.

What will Ross be looking for in his Hot Seat winner?

"I want you to ask yourself 3 questions: 1. Why does this deserve to exist in the world? 2. Why are you the person to make it exist? 3. How do you make me feel something about you and this thing?"

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Matt Kennedy, Co-Founder & CEO, Fussy.

Matt has been through a few career changes, starting out as a surveyor, then onto SCA to pursue a career as an advertising creative. After spending a few years in Adland, he's now on a mission to make living sustainably a part of people's morning routine, starting with a refillable deodorant. Matt is now full time Fussy with the mission to create a better planet for everybody. He was on last season's Dragon's Den and walked away with a joint investment from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.


So, what's our Fussy judge looking for in his Hot Seat winner?

"I'm looking for a 'doer', someone that goes out and does it. Don't just do theory, get it out there and do something with it"

Joel Buckley, Co-Founder, Eco-Union

Joel won not one, but two scholarship competitions to earn his place at SCA. Always a entrepreneur at heart, Joel was convinced that SCA was the best way to go to take his entrepreneurial ambitions to the next level. He won a Yellow D&AD pencil with us for his work and he's since been seen pitching for investment on Dragon's Den. His B-Corp certified business, Eco-Union has now been bought out by premium paint brand, Lick. 

What's Joel seeking out in our future entrepreneur?

'I'm looking for something that could actually be seen in the shops. Something I could look at and think 'that could really work' - I'm looking for something that's real.'

Marcella Tarable, Founder, Food For Thought

Marcella is another SCA Scholarship competition winner, and if you joined our launch event on the 11th May you'll know how she earned her free place. A video bursting with creativity, personality and humour, it was a clear winner for us back in 2014. Marcella has since gone onto work for various creative agencies and teams, including Publicis Poke and Facebook. She's now a freelance creative and founder of the sprint-hack-lunch for businesses, Food For Thought.

Being a comp winner herself, what does she want to see in your entries?

"I want to see a story well-told. Bring your product to life and sell it to us in your own words"

MARC LEWIS_edited.jpg
Marc Lewis, Founder & Dean SCA 2.0

Marc Lewis was a scholarship student at SCA when it last existed in the 1990s. He left to work for Leo Burnett as a writer, but ended up creating technology companies. Marc’s start-ups created over £50m in shareholder value, but he fell out of love with money and wanted to do something more meaningful. A heart-to- heart conversation with Sir John Hegarty and Rory Sutherland led to the reopening of SCA in 2010. Winning a scholarship at SCA changed his life, therefore he is devoted to helping others benefit from similar opportunities.SCA has distributed over £1m of scholarships and bursaries since reforming


What does the dean of SCA want to see in his future creative star?


"Every great business idea must solve a problem, otherwise it has no reason to exist or a reason for us to care."